Tazmin celebrates success at Wensleydale Tournament of Music and Speech

Seven-year-old Tazmin Bowes is celebrating success.

Seven-year-old Tazmin Bowes is celebrating success at last month’s Wensleydale Tournament of Music and Speech.

The Hackforth and Hornby C of E Primary School pupil from Catterick was awarded the Mary Palmer Cup during speech week in recognition of the highest mark – 88 (Distinction) in the junior section for a Bible reading.

After the event, Tazmin heard that she had been chosen by this year’s speech adjudicator, Marcia Carr, to receive the 2017 Margery Freeman Memorial Bursary (Speech) for her “technically and artistically excellent performance”.

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Marcia hopes that the award will encourage Tazmin to continue to perform and develop her creativity.

Last year, the 2016 Bursary (Speech) award was awarded collectively to pupils from the Hackforth school for their performances in the Junior Bible Reading classes.

The school invested the 2016 bursary in resources to develop a whole school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which Tazmin played Mustardseed.

Tazmin was thrilled to receive the bursary.

She plans to spend the prize money on reading books by her favourite authors and on note books and pens to develop her own writing.

She is also looking forward to defending the Mary Palmer Cup next year!