Telecoms company helps small businesses prepare for analogue switch-off

A Bedale telecommunications company is helping small businesses prepare for the switch from analogue to digital phone lines.

In 2017 the telecoms industry announced that it would be making nationwide upgrades to landline services to adopt new digital technology using an internet connection to replace existing copper lines. 

With the upgrades set to be completed by the end of 2025, Bedale-based telecoms experts Nortelco has been helping local businesses put in place systems to prepare for the so-called Big Switch Off.

Stuart Ross, head of sales at Nortelco, said: “It’s become very apparent that businesses are not aware of this upcoming switch. 

“Business owners I have spoken to locally have found the limited information that is available to be overly complicated and filled with jargon when they simply want to know what exactly is happening and the implications for their business.”

Experts say the new digital network will mean improvements to connectivity and reliability for both homes and businesses with an increase of broadband speeds up to 10x greater than existing analogue landlines, as well as reducing the rate of faults by 70 to 80 per cent.

Stuart added: “The analogue lines and broadband have run on the same infrastructure for decades and with more people using the internet the demand has grown rapidly, businesses that use the analogue line will currently see how slow speed has become.”

Nortelco is encouraging businesses to evaluate their business needs and budget when looking for a suitable alternative to their existing landline headset. 

“Choosing the correct product will be very important. Depending on the size of your business will determine what level, generally speaking, larger businesses will require more complex systems. 

“In contrast, smaller businesses, micro-companies, and sole traders will find our PhoneLine + solution will allow a direct replacement for their analogue landline number.”

“PhoneLine + is a specially designed solution for small business users offering a flexible and scalable alternative to landlines. 

“Switching a business to PhoneLine+ couldn’t be simpler, we port the number onto the new system allowing users to access their landline number via mobile, Yealink handset or PC. 

“In addition to retaining an existing landline number, the other benefit of PhoneLine+ is the ability to have multiple numbers in different locations. 

“For example, if you require a number in Manchester, London, or Birmingham, PhoneLine+ gives you the flexibility to have multiple dedicated landline numbers allowing you to advertise and attract business in those areas without the need for an office.”

Stuart said that with landline tariffs increasing year on year with little to no additional benefits, the small monthly subscription of Phoneline+ along with a host of benefits at a low-cost rate provides a competitive alternative to traditional analogue line costs. 

He added: “Switching to PhoneLine+ is very simple and businesses can keep their existing landline number and book a date to ensure a smooth transfer.

“Nortelco is currently offering a no-obligation demo of the PL+ system for businesses looking for an affordable solution to the Big Switch Off.”

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You can find out more about the transition from analogue to digital landlines on the Government website at