Temporary Bilsdale mast ‘not-spots’ revealed

Not-spots are marked in red on the map.
The areas of Richmondshire which will still not get a TV signal when the temporary Bilsdale transmitter is switched on have been revealed.

The chief executive of Arqiva, the operator of Bilsdale Mast, today set out more details of which areas of the region are likely to still not get a signal.

Paul Donovan said that once the temporary mast was switched on later this month it would reveal which addresses would still not receive a signal.

Additional, smaller, relay towers would then be built at identified sites to help fill in these so-called “not spots” of TV coverage.

Arqiva has published a map showing the estimated not-spots, with the Yorkshire Dales one of the areas with the most communities unlikely to get a signal.

Hawes and surrounding villages, as well as areas of lower Wensleydale, Swaledale, could still not get a signal, according to the map.

Arqiva announced on Friday that testing and switching on the temporary mast, close to the site of the original Bilsdale Mast, which was damaged by fire on August 10, had been delayed due to bad weather.

The aim – depending on the weather – is now for the mast to go live between October 13 and the 19.

Arqiva saif it was working with local authorities, housing organisations and charities on Project Restore to get TV services back for those affected, and to prioritise specific groups.

People over 65, those with disability, and socially vulnerable groups will receive priority help.

A new call centre will provide support and advice, and an engineer will visit homes through scheduled visits if required for those in the priority groups.

For those unable to receive a signal we will provide a selection of options, for example including Freesat TV.

A new, online hub offering support and information to those affected – including how to retune or re-point antennae – will be available later this week at bilsdalemast.co.uk

Arqiva CEO Paul Donovan said: “We’re sorry that bad weather has pushed back the go-live date for the temporary mast. Safety of our staff is paramount.

“Once it is switched on, services will be restored for many thousands of people.

“We’re working hard on alternative plans to help those who don’t benefit from that, including here on the coast and in the Dales of North Yorkshire and County Durham, and some other areas.

“We’re absolutely committed to restoring services as quickly as we can, and to prioritising those in our communities who need help the most.”



  1. Doesn’t look like any risk assessment was ever completed as it would have highlighted the problem with the landowner etc. If this fire had happened in the South it would have been fixed by now. Levelling down not up! Get it fixed. Far too long without anything in Durham Dales.

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