Temporary Bilsdale transmitter to go live this week

Workers at the Bilsdale site. Image: Arqiva.

The temporary TV transmitter at Bilsdale is due to go live this week.

Engineers say that with the good weather forecast, Arqiva, which operates the mast, is planning to test the new, temporary Bilsdale transmitter tomorrow, Tuesday.

The new mast will then go fully live from 6am on Wednesday.

It is hoped the new mast will restore TV signals to thousands of homes across the region.

Freeview, which provides digital TV signals, said those viewers who currently have a working TV signal are likely to face disruption tomorrow.

A spokesperson said: “It is very likely you will experience disruption during the day tomorrow.

“It’s important that you don’t retune your TV tomorrow, as a signal will be restored for the evening’s TV viewing.

“Providing the final tests tomorrow are successful, the new Bilsdale mast will be operational from 6am onwards on Wednesday.”

Viewers have been told they should retune their TV set after that point.

Information on how to do that is https://www.bilsdalemast.co.uk/retune-instructions/

For more information visit https://www.bilsdalemast.co.uk/

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  1. Hi. I live in Stockton-on-Tees,and even some of the digital Internet channels have now gone missing from my TV. I’ve lost All4, Britbox, and ITV Player. I’m gutted that I can’t watch ‘Friday Night Dinner’ and ‘Gogglebox’. At one point, a couple of weeks after the Bilsdale mast caught fire, I could at least watch the Internet channels on my TV, through my mobile phone WiFi, but I can’t even do THAT now. I know that I didn’t delete those particular channels, as I like to watch them. I feel like throwing my TV out of the window. 😄😊. I won’t, but it seems like a waste of time even still having a TV if I can’t watch anything on it. I might aswell take it to a scrap heap.

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