Temporary traffic lights cause “chaos” in Hawes

Temporary traffic lights caused “chaos” in Hawes on Sunday.

Upper Dales count councillor John Blackie has written to North Yorkshire County Council to complain after the lights were erected outside the primary school because of an apparent water leak under the road.

Cllr Blackie said the lights were erected on Sunday morning by a traffic management team, but it was not until after 3pm that contractors from Morrison Utility Services arrived to repair the leak.

Cllr Blackie sais: “One set of traffic lights were erected right on the junction of Gayle Lane with the A684.

“Opposite where standing traffic was queuing to go through them was a number of legally parked cars belonging to householders who like the rest of us were completely unaware of the need for works to be carried out in the highway.”

He added: “These traffic lights caused jam after jam because of where they had been placed and the parked cars meant that coaches and lorries coming down Gayle Lane could not swing round to go down the A684 to Hawes Main street because there was not the carriageway width available.

“Whomever put the traffic lights right on the junction does not have a clue as to imposing proper traffic management. He or she needs re-training.”

The councillor said that neither he nor the parish council clerk had been advised that the work was needed.

He added: “Many coaches pulled away towards Sedbergh / Ingleton so they left Hawes without allowing their passengers the traditional hour or so to spend some money in the shops, tea-rooms, cafes, pubs in the town.  Traditionally this is what happens with coaches so all businesses and not just the Wensleydale Creamery benefit from coaches coming to the town.



  1. all john blackie thinks about is money and himself not about safety of people who live in and around Hawes

    • That goes for all of the people on the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority not just Blackie

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