Tesco Catterick to allow three hours of parking

Tesco in Catterick Garrison. Photo: Google.

Customers to Tesco are to be allowed to park for up to three hours.

The store had announced that new restrictions would mean parking outside the store would be limited to just two hours.

However, the store received a number of complaints about the change in policy, with shoppers saying they spent more than two hours in the supermarket and surrounding stores

It has now announced shoppers will be able to stay an extra hour.

Julie Sutherland, Tesco community champion at the Catterick Garrison store, said: “We have been in discussions with Horizon (which will monitor the car park) and taken your feedback onboard.

“Car parking outside the store will now have a limit of 3 hours and not 2 going forward.”

Under the changes, motorists parking in the disabled areas without the relevant badge, parking in a parent and child space without a child and parking out of marked bays could also result in a £70 fixed penalty notice.


  1. What’s the point in offering to fine people parked in blue bays with no badge ? I’ve never yet seen anyone enforce it .People park anywhere , and get away with it , leaving a genuine disabled person unable to park near entrance .

  2. It’s taken since the cinema opened. I was trolley dolly then and suggested that something was done as cinema goers would park at the back end.

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