The Wensleydale School launches new vision to support students after difficult year

The Wensleydale School.

The Wensleydale School is launching a new vision for supporting students with their health and well-being following a difficult school year.

The Leyburn school had a bomb scare in February and suffered significant flooding during the flash floods which hit the Dales in July.

The school community also came together to say goodbye to a student who took his own life.

Headteacher Julia Polley said: “We have faced our challenges over the last twelve months.

“While there have been real moments of incredible sadness, what this has shown us is that our students are incredible young people. They are resilient, brave and talented.

“While we are doing well academically, have a strong pastoral system and have the right financial structures in place, we cannot shy away from the fact that we should be pushing ourselves to do more to help and support our students be prepared for life after our school. It is something that all schools should continually do.

“That is why we wanted to stop, reflect and spend some focused time over the summer considering initiatives that are about so much more than just grades and outcomes.”

As a result, the school has introduced a range of new initiatives this September that have a strong focus on student health and wellbeing.

Mrs Polley added: “Our new Wellbeing Vision covers all aspects of a student’s life here at Wensleydale.

“Thanks to a grant, our students are working hard to develop a wellbeing garden so they have a place to pause and reflect. We are also proud that we are now a recognised centre to give students the opportunity to be part of the Combined Cadet Forces (CCF).

“Cadets will have the opportunity to learn new skills, engage in adventurous activities and benefit from being part of a more disciplined and focused structure. In addition, new caterers will be enhancing our healthy meal options.

“The Sixth Form centre is being redeveloped to help provide a greater balance between work and socialising spaces and our students have also led on the development of a No See, No Hear policy on mobile phones as they want to focus on socialising and supporting one another, not on the screens in front of them.

“We are also refining and improving our Post- 16 Business Offer and have new staff in key positions. In conjunction with Lower Wensleydale Business Network, we are offering a unique Post- 16 offer for our community.

“In short, we are leaving no stone unturned in making this not just a strong school academically, but also one where young people understand how to help and support themselves and others.”

The  Wensleydale School and Sixth Form will hold an open evening on October 3 from 6pm. Details are on the schools’ website here.