Theatregoers invited to an audience with King Henry VIII

The Georgian Theatre Royal is hosting An audience with King Henry VIII on Saturday, March 5 which will even include a Q&A with this notorious ruler.

‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died’ is a rhyme that many people will be familiar with from school history lessons when trying to remember the order of King Henry’s six wives and this is the title of this intriguing one-man show.

The year is 1544 and King Henry, is engaged upon Royal progress; he has halted at Richmond to afford his subjects the opportunity to have audience with their Sovereign Lord and King.

The King, recently married to his new (and sixth) wife, Queen Catherine Parr, is in poor health; his leg continues to cause him considerable pain and he is often in a bad humour!

In the course of the audience, His Majesty will recount the events of his long reign; telling of his wives and his children.

His Majesty will then invite his loyal subjects to petition him or question him on ANY related subject. There may be some surprising answers and a lively Q&A is assured.

The production is written and directed by John White, a performer who has specialised in recreating historical characters for more than 25 years, and has appeared at numerous heritage, educational, and corporate venues across the UK and the USA; including many managed by the National Trust, English Heritage, and Historic Scotland.

Additionally, he holds a performers contract issued by The Royal Collections Trust, performing within Windsor Castle; the only performer to hold such a contract.

Tickets cost £15 and are available from the Box Office on 01748 825252 or online at

Audience age guidance 12+