Thieves steal blower from Richmond charity

Members of the Just the Job team at work.

Thieves have stolen a blower from a Richmond charity which works with adult with disabilities to help them achieve their potential by doing work in the community.

The saw was taken while Just the Job team members were working on the garden of an elderly customer in Colburn.

Steve Biggs, Just the Job manager, said: “Unfortunately while gardening for one of our elderly customers in Colburn this afternoon someone pinched a Stihl petrol blower from the van.

“It has DL10 4TG postcode ground on it so recognisable as ours.

“Could those responsible, or if anyone is offered a blower for sale please return it to us.

“It could be left at the village hall for us to collect.”

Steve added: “We’ve been gardening out and about for nearly 20 years and never had this happen before so a bit surprised it happened today.

“A positive community response to this incident would be very welcome.”