Thieves steal colourful roadside benches in Catterick Garrison

Thieves have stolen several colourful benches installed in Catterick Garrison.

At least two benches have been taken from besides the A6136, including one near camp centre roundabout decorated with sunflowers.

It is though they were taken on Friday night.

Residents have reacted with disgust to the theft.

One person said: “Disgusting, they can’t leave anything alone.

“They really brightened the road up and I’ve seen quite a lot of people sitting on them. Hope they catch whoever did it but I won’t hold my breath.”

A spokeswomen said: “Its with a heavy heart that I have to report that one of our lovely new benches has been stolen from along the A6136.

“If anyone has any information regarding this incident, would you please contact the town council office on 01748 833126 mob 07745657719, or email

“The police have been informed.”

The space left after the bench was stolen.