Thousands raised for dog hit by car in Richmond

George and Wilma after her operation.

More than £3,600 has been raised to help a family whose pet dog was hit by a car.

The money will be used for vet bills after Wilma the miniature dachshund was involved in an accident in Richmond last Thursday.

Wilma suffered broken legs and needed an operation, which she has since had.

She will also need extensive physiotherapy sessions to help her walk again.

An appeal to raise £4,500 has been launched by Jack Sartin, who is the older brother of dog owner George.

He said: “Wilma is not just a pet; she is a cherished member of our family.

“She has brought laughter and unconditional love into our lives since we laid eyes on her.

“She is best friends with my 10-year-old brother, George.

“The pair have an unbreakable bond, autism and other mental health issues are part of his life and Wilma has really helped him through this.”

George and brother Oscar are regular fundraisers for animal good causes through Oscar’s Menagerie.

Wilma must now spend the next four to six weeks resting her crate after the operation.

In four weeks she will return for more x-rays and hopefully have a metal brace removed.

To donate to the appeal, click here.