Three more die with Covid-19 but death rate slows in Richmondshire

A motorist being tested for Covid-19.

Three more people from Richmondshire have died with Covid-19 — but the district appears to be over the worst of the virus.

Figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics show that 41 people from the district have passed away after testing positive for the virus.

Of the 41 deaths, 20 were in hospital, 20 were in care homes and one was at home.

The data includes all deaths, where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, that occurred up to May 29 but were registered up to June 6.

The statistics reveal that all deaths which occurred in the last three weeks, which data has been released for, took place in care homes.

Here are the deaths in Richmondshire by week and location:

  • Week 13 starting March 23 – 3 deaths in hospital
  • Week 14 starting March 30 – 2 deaths in hospital
  • Week 15 starting April 6 – 1 death in hospital, 1 at home
  • Week 16 starting April 13 – 5 deaths in hospital
  • Week 17 starting April 20 -4 deaths in hospital, 1 in a care home
  • Week 18 starting April 27 – 5 deaths in care home, 3 in hospital
  • Week 19 starting May 4 – 5 deaths in care homes, 3 in hospital*
  • Week 20 starting May 11 – 6 deaths in care homes
  • Week 21 starting May 18 – 1 death in a care home
  • Week 22 starting May 22 – 2 deaths in care homes

The data suggests Richmondshire is now over the peak of the impact of the virus.

Of the 38 deaths of Richmondshire residents, all occurred after March 29, according to the data.

According to separate Public Health England figures, 134 people in Richmondshire have tested positive for the virus, although this does not include those who have taken the test at the mobile testing stations.

*The number of people who died in week 19 has been adjusted upwards by one in the latest figures. [kofi]