Tier 3 residents urged to stay away from Yorkshire Dales

Residents living in Tier 3 areas of the country have been urged to avoid visiting the Yorkshire Dales following the end of the lockdown.

Following the implementation of new Tier 2 local restrictions across North Yorkshire and Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has updated its guidance for anyone planning to visit between now and Christmas.

National Park Centres at Aysgarth Falls, Grassington, Hawes and Malham will re-open at weekends – in line with the centres’ normal winter opening hours.

The Dales Countryside Museum at Hawes will also re-open.

David Butterworth, chief executive of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, said: “We would encourage anyone planning a visit to the National Park between now and Christmas to check how the Tier 2 local restrictions affect them, especially for anyone living in Tier 3, where travel outside their area should be avoided.

“Our website has been updated to reflect the new guidelines, and there’s lots of additional information for new and seasoned visitors on staying safe in the National Park during the winter months.

“Finally, the safety of visitors and communities throughout the National Park remains our number one priority, so we would ask everyone to stick to the social distancing rules and to wear a face covering in local shops.”

The message comes as police confirm people travelling from Tier 3 into Tier 2 North Yorkshire could be stopped by the officers conducting checks.

North Yorkshire Police have confirmed drivers travelling from Tier 3 into Tier 2 areas could face “enforcement action” for non-essential journeys.

The force is warning residents in Tier 3 areas to stay away unless they need to travel into a Tier 2 area for work or education.

The latest guidance can be viewed on the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority website: www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/category/covid-19


  1. “North Yorkshire Police have confirmed drivers travelling from Tier 3 into Tier 2 areas could face “enforcement action” for non-essential journeys.”

    The police cannot levy a fine for travelling between tiers since such travel is not prohibited in the legislation. See “The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (All Tiers) (England) Regulations 2020”.

  2. At the same time North Yorks police will be patrolling cafes and shops to ensure no one from outside North Yorks crosses the border to sit in a covid safe environment….exec business travel is a free for all from tomorrow at 4AM. It doesn’t matter how bad covid is at the destination with the right job title you can fly too and from it not have to isolate on your return.


    The same path that brought covid here is being opened back up to a free for all before we have even started vaccination in care homes or hospitals.

    Oddly New Zealand has not adopt this insane idea but then they seem to value not decimating the elderly population a bit more than our politicians.

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