Town councillor to sleep rough for charity

File pic. Photo: Maureen Barlin.

A Richmond town councillor is to sleep rough for charity.

Cllr Carl Tate will sleep outside the Masonic Hall, in Newbiggin, on Friday, April 19.

Money raised from the challenge will go to Foundation Hambleton & Richmondshire, which works with vulnerable people in the district.

Carl said: “I shall be taking part in a Rough Sleep in Richmond, sleeping out under the stars with only my clothes, blankets and a card mat.

“The purpose of this event is to help raise awareness of an ever growing problem not only in our local area of Richmondshire but also nationally.

“Any donations will be gratefully received and distributed to our local unit to help in some small way.

To donate to the appeal click here.

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  1. Bully for him, 1 night for charity. How about they all do it to campaign for more housing, that’s what they need.

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