Town crier announces start of Richmond’s 950th celebrations

Town crier Barry Heap and Victorian Policeman Ian Woods.

Richmond town crier Barry Heap today announced the start of a year of events to mark the 950th anniversary of the commissioning of Richmond Castle by Alan Rufus.

Barry, who writes all his proclamations himself , was able to incorporate key Government messages into his announcement.

The town crier started with the traditional attention grabber of Oyez, Oyez, Oyez.

He then made the following proclamation:

This year, Richmond’s age hits nine-hundred-and-fifty

It’s ageing gracefully, like a good malt whisky

We bid the town well with a loud ‘alleluia’

Now it’s become as old as Methuselah

There’s events galore this coming year

So, try to remember we’re in which tier

Once you’ve had your vaccination

You can join in the fun for the whole duration

So keep safe and remember, ‘Hands, Face and Space’

Until we next meet in the Market Place

And whilst we are all gathered here

May I wish everyone a Happy New Year

God save the Queen and the Lords of the Manors

Following the change in tiers for the control of Covid-19, the Celebrate Richmond 950 team decided to postpone their plans for today’s launch of the 950 celebrations.

However, the town crier’s proclamation gave shoppers visiting the Saturday market a taste of what is to come.

Barry was accompanied by Ian Woods dressed as Richmond’s Victorian Policeman, Charles Manley, who served in the town for three years in the 1840s.

For information on Celebrate Richmond 950 and planned events please visit or pick up a leaflet from outlets in the town centre.