Traffic lights proposed for Skeeby Bridge

Skeeby Bridge. Photo: Stuart Minting.

A consultation has been launched on a plan to install traffic lights at Skeeby Bridge.

Residents of the the village have received letters outlining a proposal to install two-way signals at the bridge.

They are being asked to give their feedback by February 24.

Alexander Gardner, improvement manager at North Yorkshire County Council, said: “The intention is that this improvement will reduce the potential for conflict at the existing priority arrangement and improve road safety,.”

The work would be funded by a £11.5m pot secured by North Yorkshire County Council for road safety improvements from the Government’s Safer Roads Fund.

The fund has already paid for work on the A684 including resurfacing in Hawes and a new road-layout in Leyburn.


  1. What a waste of money. I’ve been using that stretch of road for over 50 years without any problems.

  2. Any Road Safety programme is welcome and there must be conflict issues here otherwise it would not be up for consideration,let the process run its course and the local residents express their views it’s their Village not the Road Users!

  3. Excellent, pleased to see it. Too many don’t obey the give way and I’ve seen a couple of clipped wing mirrors on that bridge.

  4. It will only cause more delays. Total waste of money, the funding must be burning a hole in NYCC’s pocket.

  5. Does this natural feature cause any more problems than the purposely built chicane and priority system on Victoria Road? Skeeby Bridge is just another traffic calming feature, albeit natural, to add to the ridiculously placed speed bumps. Traffic lights will go against the looks of the village and are totally unnecessary. A proposal to improve road surfaces, removing pot holes would be a far better use of time and money

    • I totally agree. I live local and have passed over this bridge for around 45 years and never once had a problem. Traffic lights would be a complete waste of money and create problems, queues and utter frustration. The general state of roads is appalling and money would be far better spent repairing them. I do hope these are not installed as they are definitely not needed.

  6. Absolutely ludicrous idea!! It will be carnage! Traffic flows freely all day. Have councillors nothing better to do than promote such ridiculous ideas!!

  7. Skeeby: once a lovely village to pass through. Now ruined by it’s speed humps. Unspoken message: we don’t welcome you here.

  8. Live 8n Skeeby and used the bridge for years. No problem. Use the money to fix potholes and get rid of the 5 sets of speed bumps in just a few hundred yards

  9. For many years the bridge was fine with no restrictions at all – it’s wide enough for two cars to pass. The current system makes it better for wider vehicles such as the buses but there’s no need for traffic lights. The money would be better spent on repairing potholes.

  10. I support Skeeby PC totally in their comments which say that traffic lights on the bridge would not only be a waste of tax payers money but also a potential danger to motorists in that if the traffic lights were on red for traffic coming from the village and there was a queue of cars, during frosty weather there is a great risk of motorists coming through the village going into the back of stationary traffic.
    We sadly had a fatality about 30 years ago, in these circumstances.
    The bridge works perfectly well as it is with traffic from the village having priority over traffic heading towards the village. If it isn’t broken why mend it?

  11. The bridge works perfectly well as it is. Traffic lights will be a total waste of tax payer’s money.

  12. Completely agree with Angus Thompson’s comments (and others voicing same opinion)
    The only improvement worth considering would be to widen the bridge and include a pedestrian pathway.

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