Train services set to be cut at Northallerton Station

Northallerton Station.

Concerns have been raised about a plan to reduce the train services from Northallerton next year.

LNER is planning to discontinue direct services to Edinburgh, and its new direct service from London to Middlesbrough will not call at Northallerton.

TransPennine Express is also planning significant changes in services from May 2022.

Its draft Northallerton timetable reveals the loss of direct trains to Newcastle, with the exception of one westbound train at 4.48am, while connections with Darlington have been described as “extremely spasmodic” by officials from Northallerton Business Improvement District (BID).

Journeys across the Pennines are also set to take longer as Northallerton will be relegated to the Saltburn to Manchester route.

These services are usually operated by the older and inferior Class 185 trains rather than the newer and more spacious Novas.

Northallerton BID is objecting to the proposed changes, which it says will have a negative impact on the town.

“We pride ourselves on our main-line connections, so this is a major concern,” said manager Graham Bell.

“People often travel long distances to shop in Northallerton because of our unique mixture of quality independents and major High Street names, and we must do all we can to resist these changes.

“We are also puzzled why so much money was spent recently on extending the northbound platform for the longer Azuma and Nova trains if fewer of them are likely to stop here.”

While it is suggested CrossCountry Trains may fill gaps on direct Edinburgh services, BID chiefs feel passengers will be loath to lose their more modern and spacious Azumas.

Northallerton BID is urging passengers to make their concerns known via the LNER and TransPennine Express consultation programmes, which are open until August 5.

To take part in the consultations, click here for LNER and here for TransPennine Express.


  1. I rely on this service with being a non driver! Northallerton Station is always busy!

  2. This is absolutely appaling trains from Northallerton to Darlington, Edinborough and indeed south to York and London are an essential mode of transport. Those that choose not to drive, or indeed do not drive, use the train to access these destinations for shopping and social activities. University and college students travel all over the country from Northallerton. Are we to use our cars to go to York to catch a good reasonably comfortable frequent train service for our commute to work a few days a week/every day in London, Leeds Newcastle, I don’t think so. Moving house is on the cards, price drop in house prices, even emptier shops drop in revenue for the whole area. Guess what Northallerton is supposed to be the County Town what a joke. Regeneration of High Street, huge new housing estates and almost every other shop empty now the prospect of a dead station, the next step will be a request stop only. What a wonderful place to live.

  3. Why? Me and my family use it regularly when visiting each other. We travel to and from London, Manchester and Wakefield and this is so disappointing

  4. These services are so essential to so many people!! Is this how you persuade people to use public transport?!?!
    So short sighted!

  5. Just bought a house in the area partly because of good links to London and North to Newcastle and Scotland. Now worried I have made a bad choice. Gutted.

  6. I have family in the south east and rely on trains to London from Northallerton. This would cause great hardship to me and numerous other people who rely on these trains from Northallerton.

  7. I’m confused. I’ve looked at the proposed LNER timetable from 2022 and we still have direct services from Kings X to Northallerton etc. Am I missing something?

  8. This will quickly spell the end of this town as we know it. Please ensure you write to the consultations, it’s the only way to get your voice heard and make a difference.

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