Travellers and Gypsies urged to respect Dales village during annual stopover

Travellers on Bainbridge village green last year.

Police have urged Gypsies and travellers to respect a Dales village which will host a managed site ahead of the Appleby Horse Fair.

The village green at Bainbridge will be an official site for Gypsies and travellers making their way to the annual event which runs from June 6 to June 12.

The  site will be open from late afternoon on Friday, May 31 to the afternoon of Tuesday, June 4.

The village green is privately owned by the Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge who have agreed to allow a managed site on the green this year during these times.

In a message to the travelling community, a spokesperson for Richmondshire police said: “The site will be closely monitored and any breach of the terms of use could see a review of future provision.

“During the period the site is open, there will be free toilet facilities available and regular collections of domestic waste.

“The Bainbridge community and residents welcome you to the village on your way to Appleby but ask that in return you respect the village and its residents with considerate behaviour and, in particular, by ensuring all generators are turned off by 10.30pm each evening and all dog waste is collected and placed in the appropriate bins.”

In previous years, villagers have complained of vandalism and anti-social behaviour from those making their way to Appleby.