Travellers leave Bainbridge village green after disorder problems

Travellers on Bainbridge village green last year.

A group of travellers has left Bainbridge after being asked to move on following a week of problems.

Travellers have permission to stop on the green for several days up until tomorrow ahead of the annual horse fair at Appleby, which takes place from June 7 to 10.

However, a group arrived last weekend, parking their vehicles on the bottom of the green.

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Since then, villagers have experienced problems of nuisance and disorder.

In one incident it is understood an off-duty police officer who was visiting the area was punched while drinking in the Rose and Crown Hotel.

According to reports from villagers, the man was hit after asking a group of travellers to behave themselves.

Problems reportedly escalated when other travellers arrived last Friday, amid claims that the two groups did not get on.

District councillor and Bainbridge resident Yvonne Peacock said it was “disheartening” that the group had arrived early and not abided by the rules publicised ahead of the annual fair.

She added: “What really hurt me was that it was half term last week and children from the village couldn’t enjoy the village green.”

Cllr Peacock and four police officers asked the group to leave on Sunday as they were camped on private land.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “Police have worked with partners to remove a group of travellers from Bainbridge.

“A number of complaints were made about the behaviour of some of the travellers since they arrived in the area on 25 May .

“Yesterday, the local councillor visited the site on behalf of the landowner, with police officers, and asked the travellers to leave.

“This was done using common law as the land is privately owned. The land was cleared by 3pm.”

A group of travellers remains on the top of the green and have not been asked to leave.