TV foot reader to reveal hidden meanings in feet and toes at Richmond workshops

Jane Sheehan.

TV foot reader Jane Sheehan will share the secrets of the hidden meanings in feet and toes at two workshops at Aske Hall near Richmond.

Jane, who has appeared on ITV’s Loose Women and is a regular on ITV’s This Morning, will reveal the techniques used to ‘read’ personality traits and emotions in the feet.

Jane, whose book Let’s Read Our Feet, is an Amazon best seller, has been teaching her skills to reflexologists and other therapists for over a decade.

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She says foot reading is an additional skill adopted by holistic therapists to help them work with clients.

Jane adds that foot reading reveals personality strengths and weaknesses, and highlights hidden potential and undervalued talents, and that by learning what their feet say about them, therapists and individuals can use that information as a tool for personal development and growth.

Jane said: “We are all used to changing our facial expressions and hiding our true feelings, but we can’t do that with our feet – they tell the truth.

“Simply by analysing the shapes of feet and toes, we can tell an awful lot about a person. Anyone coming to my workshops will not only learn something of use to their clients, but also learn about themselves via their feet.

“They love hearing the anecdotes I use to illustrate the points and they love applying the knowledge to their own life story.

“Often during the classes there are moments where you can see the students moved to delight when they realise that the blemish I’m interpreting also relates to a long term client of theirs and gives them an insight that will help progress their treatment.”


The workshops will take place at Ginger Tree Salon at Aske Hall on May 10 and 20.

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