TV signals could be restored by weekend

Bilsdale transmitter before the fire. Photo: Martin Dawes/Wikipedia.

Engineers say TV signals could be restored to some areas of Richmondshire by the weekend.

In an update following the fire at the Bilsdale transmitter last week, Arqiva, which owns the mast, said a 15m mast was being installed at Arncliffe Wood near Osmotherley.

The company said this could restore TV signals in the Leyburn and Catterick areas.

It said in a statement: “We now expect to have completed the improvement of TV coverage from Eston Nab, and also the installation of a further 15m mast at a site in Arncliffe Wood by the weekend.

“These two developments should deliver a significant improvement in TV coverage for viewers in the areas including Darlington, Stockton, Catterick, Leyburn, Masham and Ripon.

“We will update viewers on any action they need to take with further updates later this week.”

A temporary mast at Bilsdale is set to be effective by August 28.

Digital radio services have now been restored to areas of Teesside via the Eston nab transmitter.

The company added: “We continue to be in constant dialogue with all our broadcaster customers, Freeview and our regulator Ofcom regarding our plans, and updating MPs to keep them informed.”

For further help and advice contact Freeview at


    • Someone has asked this before, Unfortunately the BBC have commented that the aerial is a 3rd party concern and has nothing to do with them, so a refund is NOT possible.

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