TV viewers report return of signal after temporary Bilsdale transmitter is switched on

Workers at the Bilsdale site. Image: Arqiva.

TV viewers in Richmondshire have reported the return of their signal after a temporary mast was switched on at Bilsdale.

The transmitted was tested yesterday with the full switch on planned for 6am this morning.

Numerous Richmondshire residents have reported on social media that their signal has returned, although some report that the full list of channels have not yet returned.

Residents are being advised to retune their TV sets following the switch-on.

A spokesperson for Arqiva, which operates the transmitter, said: “A new, 80-metre temporary mast at Bilsdale has been switched on. It will restore TV services to approximately 95% of households across the region.

“Our engineers have worked around the clock over recent weeks to deliver this as the latest step in restoring services following the fire at Bilsdale in August.

“The switch-on means that viewers will now need to retune your TV and a guide on how to do this can be found here.

“As we have previously said, not everyone is covered by the switch on.”

The company said further details on help for those living in these so-called ‘not-spot” will be announced tomorrow.

Areas of upper Wensleydale and Swaledale are among the so-called ‘not-spots’.

Not-spots are marked in red on the map.




  1. I live in Leyburn Dale Way and have tried retuning several times and I am still unable to receive any TV channels. Very disappointed.
    I have submitted a claim for a licence extension or a refund.

    • At last 4 hrs later and all my tv channels re installed. Hopefully they will continue now till new mast built

  2. I just re-cabled my father’s house in Richmond with high quality WF100 coax cable and a wideband T type aerial mounted in the loft to cover the full Bilsdale frequency coverage. I now get excellent reception from the temporary 80m Bilsdale mast. Here the multiplexes currently in use as from today which I’m receiving in Richmond. All multiplexes are being received. See this reference (the power levels are for the original mast so don’t apply) –

    RF Channel Multiplex
    21 BBCA (BBC1 HD etc)
    24 PSB2 (ITV2 etc)
    27 PSB3 (BBC Four etc)
    40 COM6 (Ideal World etc)
    43 COM4 (Quest etc)
    46 COM5 (Sky Arts etc)
    55 COM7 (BBC News HD etc)

  3. still no services.. i can use streaming services ie netflix. itv hub bbc i player but no live tv
    i live in HELMSLEY very neat to the tranmitter
    why can i still not get services???

  4. BBC1 and really is all I can get now in Middlesbrough, why should I pay for a TV licence for this appalling service

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