Two arrested for drink driving after accident near Richmond

Two people were arrested on suspicion of drink driving early this morning following an accident near Richmond.

Police said they were alerted after a man from Forcett called at 2am to say his car had been stolen.

However, police said the man could not remember his registration number and appeared to be slurring his words.

While still on the phone to police, the man claimed he had gone for a walk and found his badly damaged car in a field.

Police arrived to find the man wearing just a pair of shorts and one trainer.

He was also covered in mud and blood.

A police sposkesperson said: “Cue a quick chat where the honesty unfolds – one drink driver under arrest providing a breath sample around two times the limit.”

Police said they then spoke to the driver of another vehicle at the scene which was parked in the middle of the road with its lights on full beam.

The spokesperson added: “It’s the male’s partner who he has conveniently rung to come and take him home to save him walking further in his one trainer.

“Unfortunately his partner had been drinking too.

“Cue second drink driver under arrest blowing twice the limit.

“That’s one family waking up this morning in the cells not only facing the consequences of potentially losing licences and livelihoods, but thinking how this could have been much worse seeing the state of the car.”