Two more schools closed due to sickness bug

Two more schools will close tomorrow because of a norovirus outbreak.

Hipswell and Colburn primary schools will be closed until Monday.

Risedale College has already announced it will stay shut until after the weekend.

Carnagill Primary School was due to reopen tomorrow after being shut on Wednesday and today.

However, parents have been told tonight it will also remain closed on Friday.

In a letter to parents, Hipswell Primary School said: “You will be aware many people in the local community are suffering from a winter virus and the norovirus.

“Pupil and staff attendance has been impacted significantly, therefore we have sought advice from Public Health England.

“As always the health and well-being of our pupils is paramount.

As a result, the School Governors and Senior Leaders have decided to close the school tomorrow.”

Carnagill Primary School said on social media: “Unfortunately school is unable to reopen tomorrow as planned.

“We will re-open on Monday. We apologise for any inconvenience.”