Two Tommy structures to be installed in Hawes


Two  ‘Tommy’ structures will be installed next to the War Memorial in Hawes thanks to a generous benefactor, Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council was told  at its meeting in December.

The council was told that the structures will be in remembrance of the sacrifice of many during the First World War.

New cemetery. – Cllr Jill McMullon (chair) thanked those who had helped in preparing the new cemetery for use.

She said Cllr Marion Lloyd had kindly agreed to take on the management of the cemetery and a plan had been drawn up. A pay scale was agreed with higher prices for non-residents.

Bus services. – The free bus service for those attending Post 16 courses at the Wensleydale School would be suspended for the foreseeable future due to the provision being halted at the school.

North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock said that this decision was disappointing but, given the low numbers of Post 16 students, the school believed it would be better use of funding to focus on the main school teaching.

Students could apply for assistance towards travel costs to attend courses at Darlington College and Richmond School and Cllr Peacock offered to assist with appeals should any have their applications refused.

Cllr Emma Blades said many students from Hawes preferred to go to Cumbria for higher and further education and wondered if there was a connecting bus service from Sedbergh to Kendal.

Ruth Annison gave a brief presentation about the Sunday DalesBus service.  She said the results of a passenger survey were not yet available and so she was asked to inform the council at its next meeting about the benefits to the Hawes community.

Roadworks. – Cllr McMullon reported that the resurfacing work in Hawes undertaken by Tarmac had been excellent and that its staff had been very accommodating and helpful.

The council had reported, however, that an area outside one of the cafes was crumbling. Cllr Peacock said she had told North Yorkshire Highways which will ask Tarmac to investigate. There is a two year guarantee on the work.  She added that she had also reported to Highways that there was a gap in the resurfacing near the Central Dales Practice.

In response to requests from the council, she informed it that the work in ‘Birdcage Walk’ and the replacement of damaged kerbstones near the Market Hall was expected to be undertaken during the current financial year, and she will check on the replacement of some flagstones and cobbles in the town.

It was reported that potholes at Gayle had been repaired. Cllr Peacock said she would ask Yorkshire Water and Highways to check the drains there.

Bridges. –  Following a report from Cllr David Stephenson Cllr Peacock told the meeting she would  inform  Highways that the a bridge near Appersett needed  to be resurfaced properly.

And she confirmed that work on the road between Hardraw and Haylands Bridge was on the Highways’ list to be undertaken as soon as practical.

Lunds. – Cllrs Peacock, McMullon and Stephenson had attended a site meeting at Lunds with representatives from North Yorkshire Police and Highways.

It was reported that this was a useful meeting and it had been agreed that two new signs should be installed to warn drivers to drive carefully through the hamlet. Cllr Peacock offered £400 from her county council Locality Fund and it was agreed that the parish council would pay the expected balance of £50.

Donations. – The parish council will donate £160 to Hawes in Bloom towards the cost of four large troughs for Town Foot, in addition to the £500 from Cllr Peacock’s Locality Fund. The council was told that it is planned to fill these with plants that do not require replacing every year.

It was agreed that Hawes in Bloom was a real asset to the community as were the Christmas lights.

In response, therefore, to a request from Hawes Christmas Lights Committee it was also agreed to donate £250 towards the cost of the Christmas Festival in 2022.

Precept. – Cllr McMullon said that, given the difficult financial climate and the cost of living situation, it would not be appropriate to increase the precept for the next financial year.  The council agreed that it should remain at £17,500.

Next meeting. – Is in Gayle Institute at 7pm on Monday February 27.