Tyre fitter’s vehicle confiscated after police stop on A1(M) for flat tyre

Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

A tyre vehicle’s vehicle was confiscated last night on the A1(M) after police stopped it for having a flat tyre.

Officers stopped the Iveco Daily on the near the Catterick junction due to being driven on a flat tyre.

A check on the registration number revealed it had not been allocated to a vehicle.

Enquiries reveal the owner has purchased the registration number however it had not been allocated to his vehicle.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police’s road policing team said: “Things got worse when the insurance on the vehicle was looked into and found to have been cancelled.

“We attended to assist with a quick dip of the fuel tank — this showed red diesel.”

A tow truck was ordered to take the vehicle away until insurance was obtained and HM Customs had spoken to the driver.

“The profession of the driver — tyre fitter — oh the irony,” added police.