UCI World Championships set for reroute after bridge destroyed

The bridge over Cogden Beck on Grinton moor, Photo: Ollie Duffus.

The route of the cycling world champions is due to be rerouted following the collapse of a bridge on Grinton Moor.

UCI Road World Championships are due to be held in September with the elite men’s race due to visit Swaledale on September 29.

The destruction of the bridge on Grinton Moor over Cogden beck on Tuesday is likely to mean the race is rerouted.

One possible solution is for the race to be diverted from Grinton to Redmire and then to Leyburn.

Andy Hindley, chief executive of the Yorkshire 2019 Worlds, said: “At the current time, our thoughts are with those affected by the flooding.

“We will address any damage to race routes with North Yorkshire County Council in due course.”

North Yorkshire County Council head of highway operations, Nigel Smith, said: “We have deployed all our available resources to check known areas of flooding, or road and bridge damage, and also to ensure that the remainder of the highway network is safe for the travelling public to use.

“In respect of the landslide and the bridge, we are working with experts and structural engineers to determine what remedial work needs putting in place and to reinstate those routes as soon as possible.”


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  1. Is it really a good idea to commandeer the only road the dale has to get to Leyburn for a bike race what about the people who live hear haven’t our lives been disrupted enough all ready

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