Underage drinking warnings sprayed on pavements

Warning that it is an offence to buy alcohol for under 18s have been sprayed on pavements in Richmond and Catterick Garrison.

The messages were sprayed with temporary paint on footpaths by Richmondshire neighbourhood policing officers and officers from the Royal Military Police.

The warnings are part of a new initiative launched to tackle underage drinking and alcohol-related crime in Richmondshire.

The scheme is being through a Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) which sees police working with retailers, schools, neighbourhood groups, trading standards, local authorities and other emergency and health services.

PCSO Helenor Gwatkin, who is leading the initiative in Richmondshire, said: “The message we were sending out is that it is an offence to purchase alcohol for anyone under the age of 18 years.”




  1. As ever, local services behind the curve….alcohol is v expensive and probably causing far more harm to the middle aged and older population….young people get their highs from cheaper street drugs😳

    • Totally agree.some people have nothing better to do.
      Mind you each 90 councillors getting a pay rise of £200 a year can afford cans of spray paint.???

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