Unsorted recycling not being collected by district council

Richmondshire District Council has instructed waste collectors to leave recycling behind that has not been sorted.

At the end of September changes were made in the district with residents able to leave more products at the kerbside in boxes, bins and bags.

The district council began picking up all card, most plastics, textiles and cartons – as well as cans, bottles and paper.

However, officials say items must be separated.

Under the new scheme each household will use the following recycling containers:

Current green box: for cans, glass, aerosols, plastics – glass must be kept separate by using a divider.

If more glass will be recycled and residents already have two green boxes they should use that – or a separate black box can be provided. No black plastic can be taken.

Current blue bag: for all paper and card. If more is to be recycled a larger white bag can be provided.

Textiles must be placed in an untied plastic bag and left with the rest of the recycling.

Householders wanting a black box, white bag or divider are asked to collect them from council offices in Richmond, Reeth, Hawes, Leyburn and Colburn.

A council spokeswoman to Richmondshire Today confirmed that while they could now take more waste for recycling, they could not sort waste at the kerbside and so unsorted items would be left.

While there was an apparent period of grace after the changes, residents have now found that unsorted waste has been left behind.



  1. We keep getting all of these different recycling boxes/bins/bags etc. But they don’t come with lids so items end up blowing all over. Is there any chance if the council providing something to store them all in, or do we have to have driveways/ gardens that look like Steptoe’s yard?

  2. Mine was left with a can and a plastic bottle in glass box blown in by wind, now how hard was it to pick them out, 5sec, I sorted them that morning and they were not contaminated at the time

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