Untaxed vehicle seized by police Catterick Garrison

An untaxed vehicle was seized by police in Catterick Garrison last night.

The 4×4 was spotted being driven around the town by officers despite being in a poor state of repair.

Further checks revealed its tax ran out almost five months ago.

PC Alex Wilkinson said: “The Police have powers through the DVLA to seize vehicles on their behalf that do not hold valid tax but continue to use our roads regardless.

“Those that choose to drive without the valid documents will be denied the use of the road and their vehicles will be seized where there is a power to do so.

“This vehicle will be held for 14 days and should it not be claimed from the recovery yard then it will be scrapped, never to see the road again.”

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  1. The Police are doing good work stopping vehicular crime in Richmondshire and deserve the community’s thanks and support .

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