Update on Dales bus services given to parish councillors

Bus passenger Ruth Annison and the Dales and District Sunday service.

Upper Wensleydale has a bus service which enables residents to get to and from work in Hawes each day, but not to Leyburn where there are more job opportunities, Ruth Annison told Aysgarth and District Parish Council at its November meeting.

She had been invited to address the meeting about the Sunday Dales Bus service which, she said, was run by very professional volunteers.

She added that it was the only bus service running from Northallerton to Hawes and back and so provided residents with the ability once a week to easily connect with the railway station or to visit those in hospital. It was also part of a network providing connections to Teesside, Darlington, Preston and other locations.

She said the Sunday Dales bus service was unusual because it did not receive funding either from the government or North Yorkshire County Council. Some county councillors did, however, make contributions through the locality funds.

She assured the councillors that the bus service did benefit residents in and around Aysgarth. She believed that the weekly Dales Bus service was just about enough, except that residents couldn’t use it to get to work in Leyburn.

Highways. – North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock reported that more detailed planning was being carried out concerning Bishopdale Bridge. This year she had told the parish council that there were plans to re-align the road at that bridge to remove the sharp bends and so reduce the number of times it was damaged by heavy lorries.

She also reported that Spickles Lane at Thoralby would be re-tarmaced, probably also during the next financial year.

A councillor pointed out that they had been waiting for about three years for work to be carried out at the access to Mill Lane in Aysgarth where there were three residences affected whereas there was only one along Spickles Lane.

Councillors said that cars were losing traction due to gravel on the sharp bends along Church Bank in Aysgarth. ‘Someone is going to go through the wall,’ commented Cllr Rob Cromey-Hawke.

Cllr Linda Cooper told the meeting that water was flowing across a road in Thoralby and would freeze in cold weather. Cllr Margaret Jones reported that the condition of the road between Street Head and Newbiggin was now very good after being re-tarmaced.

Thornton Rust. – The parish council is still waiting for a telephone cable to be disentangled from a dangerous tree near Low Gill, especially as Thornton Rust relies on that cable for communications. The clerk reported that the parish council had now been advised by the county council’s highways department to contact BT.

Funds from the Stewardship Scheme for Thornton Mire will be used to replace posts and mend a handrail in the village.

Thoralby Moss. – The councillors were very concerned that a local farmer had still not yet signed the grazing agreement for Thoralby Moss even after several requests.

Funds raised from Thoralby Moss, including through the Stewardship Scheme, are used to pay for projects in Thoralby such as the repairs carried out this year on Wash Dub Bridge.

Parish precept. – It was agreed to raise the precept by £250 to £7,500.

Next meeting. – Is in Aysgarth Institute at 7.30pm on January 12th.