Update on proposed community office move due this month, Colburn Town Council told

Colburn Village Hall.



Helen Grant (Chair)
Keith Chadwick, Angela Dale, Kevin Foster, Lynn Nassau & Michael Ward
Philippa Graves
Deputy Clerk: Angela Pickersgill

There were no members of the public present.

1. APOLOGIES –Cllrs Jag Sharma & Charlene Thirlwell. District Cllr Bev Partridge

Cllr Bell had sadly emailed a letter of resignation following the October meeting due to insufficient time to support the
activities of the Council. She was thanked for her busy two year leadership of the Town Council which had been
much appreciated.



It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 15th Oct and the minutes of the Open
Spaces Committee meetings held on 16
th Oct and 9th November were approved as a true and correct record and were
signed by the Mayor.

Matters arising –

p1 Use of Oak Tree Court for possible move of Community Office from Library. Further response from Sian Moore, Corporate Director to second email from Town Council in which she confirms that the Town Council’s feedback and suggestions will be taken into account in the work being undertaken over the next few months prior to consideration by the Corporate Board in January 2019.

P2 ‘Light Touch Review’. Will Naylor confirmed receipt of the Town Council’s response to the Review. He emphasised that it was a “snapshot in time of just some of those involved and was not attempting to be any more than that”. He was interested in all the work being done in Colburn and matters should be progressed by the local partners as they felt appropriate.


Report for period 12th Oct to 15th Nov was circulated at the meeting (full report can be found on the website).

PCSO Diane Smith attended and answered questions mainly centred on ASB and the working of the PSPO such as was the decrease in ASB over the last 3 weeks due to a higher police presence? PCSO Smith was not aware of more police and felt the PSPO was a deterrent. It was agreed to write to Susie Eales (copy Insp Gee & PS Anderson) to ask how many dispersal orders had been issued in this period and what fines had been imposed.

Crime reported for the period 25 incidents; crime reported for same period 2017 was 29.

1 Residential Burglary, 7 Criminal Damage, 2 Theft, 12 Violence & 2 Other crimes
14 of the reports occurred in the area of Broadway, Business Park and immediate areas.
11 of the reports occurred over the 7 days covering Halloween and Bonfire night.
ASB – 22 incidents (same period last year 66). 20 Nuisance and 2 Environment.
Half of the reports cover the 7 days of Halloween and Bonfire night
14 reports were in the Broadway and immediate area
1 report of eggs being thrown at windows in the Albermarle Drive area

NY Police have gathered CCTV and provided statements to Richmondshire DC to deliberate potential breaches of the

Response from PS Anderson to questions about incident 5th October

Email had been circulated with full response. The incident related to a criminal offence and was not dealt with under the PSPO although RDC were informed of the incident. There were significant number of both neighbourhood and response staff available in the area to deal with any further incidents as well as proactively patrol. Any information received by the police that would be relevant and potentially a breach of the order is given to RDC for their legal team to review and decide on the best course of action. Information and intelligence is shared on a daily basis. PS Anderson confirmed that the PSPO is an RDC order and he would actively encourage any member of the Town Council or community to report relevant information to the PSPO for them to review.

It is hoped PS Anderson will be able to attend the December meeting (could not make this meeting).

Ward Surgeries

PCSO Kaye and PCSO Whitehead will be holding ward surgeries at the Colburn Library on the following dates. If you have anything you want to discuss then please attend and speak with them.

Saturday at 10.30 – 11.30 on 24th November

Keep up to date with Catterick Policing by joining twitter and follow us @NYPCatterickSNT

Anyone interested in Colburn specific incidents or who is interested in Colburn Community Watch can follow us on

National 24 hr non-emergency number 101 (15p per call from mobile or landline) or call Crimestoppers
anonymously on 0800 555 111

In an emergency or where a crime is in progress always call 999. Contact details –

PCSO 3556 Angela Kay angela.kay@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk
PCSO 6607 Katie Whitehead Katie.whitehead@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk



County Councillor Grant gave an update on some of the issues with which she had been involved –

a) Filming for the British Legion was taking place in Hipswell on Thurs 29th November with the road closed. She had been assured that this activity would have no impact on access to the schools and church (funerals).

b) She had noted several lights not working in Colburn. She advised that any resident can use the Report it site on NYCC website to note lights, blocked drains, overgrown hedges etc anonymously and asked everyone to promote the site for a speedy response and ease of reporting.

c) Cross border medical provision for residents was being reviewed at Scrutiny care & independence. Different Trusts for James Cook & Darlington General.


Cllr Dale – reported that she had supported the Colburndale 2 planning application at Planning Committee. Scrutiny had considered the workings of the PSPO and established the use of Task & Finish group

The change of Community Office venue now had 3 options on the table for consideration. It was agreed to ask for the plans and request that Town Councillors as well as the County Councillor representative are invited to the proposed site visit as the decision will make an impact on the whole community. District Cllr Glover to be asked for his views on the proposals.

Cllr Partridge – by email, there is a Scrutiny meeting on Thurs 15th and anything relevant she will feedback. There is going to be a Task Group meeting looking at Annual Car Permits and letting of Council properties. She is awaiting a date to be arranged for the visit of Yvonne Peacock and Officers to discuss the Community Office within Oak Tree


Present membership – Cllr Helen Grant as chair of both sub-committee

Play Park & Open Spaces – Cllrs Angela Dale, Charlene Thirlwell & Lynn Nassau.

Planning – Cllrs Keith Chadwick & Michael Ward

a. Play Park & Open Spaces Committee – upgrade on Piper Hill, Bridge Close and Grange Road Play areas completed. Dog bin at Lawson Court broken beyond repair; agreed for RDC Streetscene to replace.

b. Joint Burial Board – latest meeting held on Thurs 20th Sept at 6 pm. Meeting date to remain on third Thursday of the month. The clerk, Jon Rutherford, had resigned and Bev Partridge has been appointed clerk from 15th November. Precept for 2019/20 to remain the same total of £7200 with the same shares; Colburn £3744,Hipswell £1908 and Scotton £1548.

c. Garrison Area Partnership – latest meeting held on Thurs 13th Sept at Colburn Village Hall.

d. Planning Committee

Plans agreed by Colburn Town Council:-

18/00793/FULL Planning Permission for extension to rear to form Lounge, enlargement of window on east elevation and enlargement of Rear Entrance Porch to form Utility Room at Ivy Cottage, Colburn Hall, Colburn DL9 4PE (closing 5th Dec 2018)

18/00769/FULL Planning Permission for Erection of Fence (part retrospective) at 15 Rosebud Way, Colburn DL9 4RY (closing 5th December 2018)

18/00718/Full Planning Permission to convert Integral Garage to form Habitable Room at 37 Haydock Road, Colburn DL9 4BN (closing 6th December 2018)

RDC decisions:- –

18/00590/FULL Planning Permission for 4 Sculptures on Camp Centre Roundabout and 4 Information Notice Boards on outer edge of Roundabout, Richmond Road DL9 3JB (passed 17th Oct 2018).


Donation request from Chief of Staff, Catterick Garrison for Festival of Remembrance on Friday 9th November (letter circulated at Oct meeting)

In principle it had been RESOLVED to make a donation of £1000 to the event for ratification in November.

Decision ratified. Event had been well attended and a memorable occasion.

Proposal to purchase 2 mobility scooters for hire by residents – Cllr Foster had made initial enquiries with Motorcare on The Broadway with a quote from Eden mobility (information circulated with agenda). Cllrs applauded

Cllr Foster’s idea but felt that it should be pursued with a partner organisation which has knowledge of running such schemes. Cllr Foster asked to contact Wheels to Work or a disability organisation to investigate joint working.

Proposal to rent a garage in Colburn for storage ie broken play equipment

A garage is available at a weekly rent of £9.13, £475 annually and is necessary to be able to store play park items.

Currently equipment being left outside Village Hall.

It was RESOLVED to rent an available garage from RDC for immediate use on signature of contract. Proposal to purchase new computer professionally installed to make use of Colburn Town Council owned domain use. Present computer 6 years old and becoming out of date. Quote from Complete Computer Services, Melmerby, Ripon for new computer, programmes, set up and installation for £681 plus VAT. Monthly Managed Service Provision £49 per month, £588 per annum.

It was RESOLVED to accept the above quote which would also enable individual cllr email accounts to be set up for security and data protection.

Finance Working Group – to arrange date to finalise salary scales and discuss precept budget (Cllrs Grant, Dale,

Foster & Sharma). Meeting arranged for Thurs 22nd November at 2 pm..

Cheques for approval – list circulated at meeting

It was RESOLVED to pay the following cheques presented for 2 signatures:

United Carlton Office Systems – Oct copier charge
Kompan Scotland Ltd – upgrade to Piper Hill Play Park
Upgrade to Grange Road Play Park
Upgrade to Bridge Close Play Area
Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire – agree donation 2018-19
Great North Air Ambulance – Section 137 grant
Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service Charity – Section 137 grant
Garrison Festival of Remembrance – Section 137 grant
Many Bookkeeping Services – Nov payroll
NYCC Filling 2 grit bins 2018/19 Broadway/First Avenue
Cravendale/Falkland Road

Clerk’s salary Nov (meeting 4 hrs) £706.32)
Mileage £10.45)
Copypaper/notepad £11.00) £727.77
Deputy Clerk’s salary Nov (meetings 7 hrs) £546.09
Robertson’s Garden Services –
th Sept – 12th Oct – 96 hrs £1488.00)
Bin bags £21.94)
Mileage £6.60) £1516.54
United Carlton Office Systems – Nov copier charge
Croft Christmas Trees – end of Nov approx. £180-£200

9. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: MONDAY 17th DECEMBER 2018 commencing at 6.15 pm (Precept
setting decision)

10. ANY OTHER BUSINESS (at the Chairman’s discretion)

Cllr Grant – Fri 22nd February, Colburn Dinner to be held at Hanson Club, black tie event.
Bushes at Lidl junction – although the trees had been removed the bushy foliage was still restricting sight line of the
A6136. Forward information to Cllr Carl Les and ask about the eyesore building. Where there any development
plans for the site?

The meeting closed at 7.40 pm.