Upgrade of Scotch Corner and Barton A1(M) services planned

Scotch Corner services. Photo: Google.

Plans have been submitted to upgrade the motorway services at Scotch Corner and Barton.

Owners Moto want to the two service areas to become an official motorway service area (MSA), with HGVs, caravans and cars stopping at Barton and cars, coaches and motorcycles at Scotch Corner.

Moto says the two sites have operated informally as a linked MSA for many decades, but Moto they now want to formalise the linked approach through improvements to the facilities and a signing agreement with Highways England.

The operator’s agents, Collins & Coward, said in a letter to Richmondshire District Council: “Moto is seeking a signing agreement and signs package with Highways England for a twin-site linked MSA function.

“This would operate in the same way as the Knutsford MSA and Lymm Truckstop agreement where HGVs are accommodated at Lymm rather than Knutsford. This is signed as such on the motorway.

“The Barton/Scotch Corner linked operation would accommodate HGVs, caravans and cars at Barton with
cars, coaches and motorcycles at Scotch Corner.

“As such the proposal involve little in the way of operational works.”

The plans do include an extra 21 car parking spaces at Scotch Corner and a new layout for HGVs, caravans and cars at Barton.

There would be a further small extension of the amenity building at Scotch Corner, with a larger extension planned at Barton.

An HGV wash would also be built at Barton together with a park and ride facility.

Scotch Corner currently operates as a motorway rest area.

Plans for a motorway service area at the Catterick junction have been submitted.

Scotch Corner and Barton operator Moto, which also owns Leeming Bar service areas, has objected to the Catterick plans saying it could damage the viability of its existing businesses and impact on plans to upgrade its facilities.

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