Vacancies on Leyburn Town Council after resignation of mayor

The mayor of Leyburn has resigned from the town council following a disagreement with other members.

It is understood the disagreement arose following last month’s meeting, with at least two councillors unhappy with her handling of a request by members of the public to speak.

Ms Walker declined to comment on her decision to resign but said she may speak out after next month’s meeting.

The long-standing councillor has been thanked for her efforts by the authority’s deputy chair Richard Sanderson.

He said: “I’d like to pay tribute to the mayor for her 23 years of service to Leyburn.

“We wish her well in her new found free time.”

Cllr Sanderson said he had offered to stand in as major until the local council elections in May.

The council now has vacancies for two councillors following the earlier resignation of Jane Bradford.

New councillors will be co-opted on to the authority, should they step forward.

However, there could also be an election if ten members of the public write in calling for one. The vote would however cost the taxpayer several thousand pounds.

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