Vaccination clinics taking place at Tennants “when supply allows”, say GPs

Tennants in Leyburn.

Clinics are taking place at Richmondshire’s vaccination hub as quickly as vaccine supply allows, GPs say.

Concerns have been raised that people in priority groups are having to travel to regional hubs for their jab while the local hub at Tennants opens only intermittently.

But local GPs say the hub can only operate when they have doses of the vaccine available, with the country facing national fluctuations in supply as explained this week by England’s deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam.

With the Government wanting areas of the country to roll out the vaccine programme at the same speed, local doctors say it is also impossible for the Tennants hub to operate full-time as they would quickly overtake those areas with much larger populations.

Richmondshire Primary Care Network of GP practices told Richmondshire Today they were making “excellent progress” and were on track to offer a vaccination to all those in the remaining five priority groups by the middle of April.

A spokesperson added: “The vaccination programme is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re asking people for their patience; we are arranging clinics at our vaccination hub at Tennants Auction House in Leyburn as quickly as supply allows and in line with the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation priorities and national progress.

“We know some people are asking why we are not running more clinics, but – setting aside supply – if we ran the vaccine centre at full capacity all of the time we would rapidly leave other parts of the country behind, so the service can’t run every day.

“Patients can be assured, however, that if there is vaccine available we will be open and administering it to as many people as possible.

“No-one who wants to have the vaccine locally will miss out and patients will be contacted by their GP surgery when it’s their turn.

“Patients who are happy to travel can take up the NHS offer of having their vaccination at one of the larger hubs if they receive a letter inviting them to book a slot, or they can wait for an appointment at the Leyburn hub if travelling further afield is difficult.”

The spokesperson added: “We are profoundly grateful to Tennants for allowing us to use their fantastic facility, they have been incredibly accommodating and we could not have done this without them.”

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said this week that a fall in the number of Britons being vaccinated against Covid-19 each day was down to “supply fluctuations”,

He said it would take a few months before vaccine manufacturers were able to produce doses in a steady routine, adding that “global supply restraints” have also hampered the UK’s vaccine rollout.

He said: “There are always going to be supply fluctuations.

“These are new vaccines, by and large the manufacturers have not made them or anything like them before.”


  1. I was horrified to hear that the Tennant’s vaccination centre is only open intermittently. We seem to be way behind other areas of the North East.I have personal knowledge of people in the 65-70 age group who received their first injection 2 weeks ago whilst people of a similar age in the Leyburn area are still awaiting a call. My son who lives in South Tyneside is only 38 but got his first injection 10 days ago. The GPs in this area seem to lack the urgency that patients expect. There doesn’t seem to be any delivery/ availability issues anywhere else.

  2. I can’t stress enough how confusing and upsetting it is to read this statement from Richmond GPs. I’m still waiting for my local surgery to call, I’m in the 65-70 group, cohort 5 and its 2 weeks now since groups 1-4 should have been vaccinated. If it’s going so well as stated why haven’t I heard anything?!
    On my local surgery website it says cohort 5 will get a letter from NHS to book at a vaccination centre most many miles away. And recently just added the Friarage Hospital!Is the hope this cohort will do this, and if so how do they know if they then become ‘ahead’ of other areas?! To say they can’t get ahead of other areas and citing Government guidelines seems very odd as other areas are doing exactly that as reported in the press. My son in law 38 from the North East had his over a week ago.Many of my relatives in North Yorkshire younger than me, no health problems, have been vaccinated some nearly 3 weeks ago. They contradict themselves saying there is supply issues and Tennants can only operate intermittently,but also argue if they operated more days they would be ahead of other areas!!. On good authority I understand that Richmondshire and Tennants have received the appropriate proportion of vaccine supplies according to its population! Which is it? For those that have had the vaccine its brilliant,for those still waiting it’s a very uncertain and anxious wait.

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