Van seized at services after driver fails to come forward

The van at Scotch Corner. Photo: North Yorkshire Police.

A van was seized by police last night after nobody admitted being the driver.

Police became suspicious about the Ford Transit parked at the services at Scotch Corner.

The vehicle was shown to have no current keeper.

Checks on the male passenger showed that they were disqualified.

Checks on a second male, who police say was “loitering near to the driver’s side”, showed they were also disqualified.

The men said the driver was in the services, but officers couldn’t find anyone

Police posted on social media: “It was a proper mystery as to how this van appeared through the evening mist – CCTV will be getting reviewed today.

“In the meantime if whoever owns or was driving the van cares to come and explain to us how this occurred they are more that welcome.”

They added: “Your van is safe with us!

“Sadly for one of the males they were wanted for failing to appear at court in County Durham, so a warm room was arranged overnight for them.”

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