Vandals cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage at Richmond primary school

Vandalism at Trinity Academy Richmond.

Vandals have caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage at a Richmond primary school.

The damage was caused at Trinity Academy Richmond at the weekend when young people accessed a storage container on the site, emptying a pot of paint and smashing glass bottles.

They also emptied bags of sand, gravel and grit and rode around the area on one of the school’s toy tractor, spreading the paint further. 

Staff said the incident came after a number of other acts at the primary school, which have seen young people climb over the fences into outdoor areas, breaking school equipment and generally making a mess.

They added that people regularly gather on the site, using the school’s friendship hut as a meeting place to drink and smoke, leaving their rubbish behind, including smashing glass bottles on the children’s playground.

They have also urinated in and around the friendship hut.

School staff and local residents had spoken to a group of individuals last week, who have show some apparent remorse by putting right some of the damage they had caused and collecting up their litter.

Head of School Lucy Hodges said: “We are aware that young people use the site on a night and weekends to meet and understand that they want somewhere to go.

“It’s such a shame however that they choose to show such little respect to the school site, especially our friendship hut which was built in memory of a member of school staff.

“The damage caused over the past few weeks is going to end up costing the school hundreds of pounds as specialist machines are going to be needed to gather up all the glass to ensure that the playground is safe for the children’s return in September, as well as replacing the broken children’s equipment.” 

North Yorkshire Police said they were contacted at 11.45pm on Sunday to a report of criminal damage at the school..

A spokespersons said: “Officers are carrying out enquiries and are appealing to anyone with information which would assist their investigation to contact police on 101.”

Please quote reference 12190147977.

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  1. If this has been happening for some time why hasn’t the school installed a cheap webcam to monitor that area. Had it done so the culprits identity would be known.

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