Vans urgently needed for Ukraine relief mission

Builder Mark Fenwick packs his van with supplies.

An urgent appeal has been issued for vans and drivers willing to take relief supplies to refugees of the war in Ukraine.

More than 1,500 boxes of supplies including food, clothing and medicine has been collected at Colburn Village Hall with donations coming in from across the district and further afield.

Around 100 people have been helping to sort and pack the items ready to leave tomorrow.

A convoy of at least ten vans will leave Richmondshire early tomorrow for a designated relief depot in Poland.

Richmondshire District Council leader Angie Dale will be driving one of the vans.

However, she said they had enough donations to fill at least four more vans.

“I’m going because I want to see that the donations get to the right place.

“The response from Richmondshire and beyond has been amazing and we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The councillor added: “We’ve got ten vans leaving tomorrow but we’ve probably got donations to fill another ten.

“We’d love to hear from you if you can help.”

County councillor Helen Grant was helping at Colburn Village Hall this morning.

She said: “Over the last week there has been tears and sadness but also a lot of laughter.

“It has restored my faith in human nature.”

Cllr Grant added: “Angie has incredible logistical skills to make this happen. She also has a very persuasive nature!”

Local builder Mark Fenwick will be driving his van to Poland tomorrow.

Asked why he was making the trip, he said: “I live next door to Angie — she said ‘you’ve got a van haven’t you’ and that was that!”

If you can help, call Angie Dale on 07833 490502.


  1. Well done safe journey to all of you. I will hold you in the we Quakers say,

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