Vermin traps stolen in Wensleydale

Police have appealed for information following the theft of three vermin traps.

The fenn traps were taken from land between Carperby and Woodhall.

The theft took place happened on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

Any information should call police on 101 quoting reference 12190231326.

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  1. Truth of it is, these traps are set to catch stoats, which for a lot of people are not really seen as virmine. Stoats will actually take out rats, mice and rabbits as well as provide great spectacle for anyone who sees them. Problem is they will also take an odd game bird. Shame the estate owners and their gamekeeps are so determined to kill anything and everything that takes even one of their game birds.

    Unfortunately, stoats don’t have the same protection as raptors, but then again, it is odd how few raptors there are in the area!

    When you do get Buzzards flying in the area they do not appear to be here for long, and no Kites, which I find amazing given the prolific numbers in which they exist just outside the Dales.

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