Village primary celebrates ‘good’ Ofsted rating

Reception and Year 1 pupils at Ravensworth Church of England School.

Pupils and staff at Ravensworth C of E Primary School have been celebrating after receiving a ‘good’ Ofsted rating from the education watchdog.

The rating was announced after a recent visit by inspectors to the school school, which is part of the Dales Academies Trust.

During the visit, inspectors remarked that pupils “feel well cared for and protected by staff. Pupils trust staff to help if there is a problem”.

Inspectors remarked upon the school’s “wonderful environment” where “pupils develop their scientific, geographical and historical knowledge through exploration of the school’s forest area and the local environment.”

They also highlighted the focus on securing basic knowledge of mathematics at the school before pupils go onto the next stage in their development, adding: “Teachers do not assume that pupils are able to solve problems or calculate area. They teach pupils the prior knowledge they need and show how to apply it.

“It is early days, but the impact of the leaders’ actions is that pupils’ mathematical knowledge is improving.”

The relationship between parents and carers at the school was also highlighted in the report, with one parent feeding back that “staff know each child as an individual and care about them, helping them achieve their best.”

Referencing recent changes to the curriculum, the inspectors’ report noted that “the curriculum is ambitious and engaging for all pupils”.

Helen Dudman, headteacher, said: “Everyone across our school’s community is incredibly proud that we have retained our ‘GOOD’ Ofsted rating.

“We have recently taken our school through a period of change, and I was particularly pleased to see the positive comments about how successful this has been. This school is on a very exciting trajectory, and I look forward to what our future holds.”

This was the third of a collaboration of four schools, to be inspected by Ofsted in close succession.

Damian Chubb, CEO of the Dales Academies Trust, added: “While Ravensworth deserve a huge amount of praise, the fact that two other schools they work closely with have also secured a good rating is down the spirit of community and collaboration that has developed between a family of closely aligned smaller primary schools.

“When you look at what they collectively achieve, I am in awe of the commitment and dedication to their community. The Headteacher, who sits over all the schools, and all the staff should be applauded.

“This really is a community effort.”