Village pub expansion plans set for rejection due to parking concerns

The Green Tree in Patrick Brompton. Photo: Google.

Planning officials say improvements to a Richmondshire village pub should be rejected due to concerns over parking.

Richmondshire District Council’s planning committee had given UK Estates Management more time to find extra spaces for parking near The Green Tree, in Patrick Brompton, before considering a proposal to build a two-storey extension and change the use of its first floor from a hotel to a restaurant.

Amended plans were drawn up, however council officials say the changes aren’t enough to satisfy the highway authority.

The scheme has attracted support from numerous residents, particularly as the pub has remained closed for several years and the building is overlooked by the 12th century grade I listed St Patrick’s Church.

North Yorkshire County Council’s highways officers have calculated 21 parking spaces would be needed at the proposed ‘destination restaurant’.

The amended plans show space for 18 vehicles, although officials say only 15 or 16 can realistically be achieved in the space available.

The space at the front of the pub is not included in the calculations as the land is not under the applicant’s control and is used by churchgoers.

Planners say that with the proposed car park falling short of the number of spaces as recommended by 5 to 6
spaces, there are concerns from some local residents, the parish council and the highway authority that there would be overflow parking on the A684 and the village green as a result of the proposed development.

A report for councillors ahead of a meeting next week concludes: “Despite amendments to the scheme that would result in improvements to the width of the existing access and further to recent in-depth discussions between the applicant’s agent and the highway authority, the existing car park is not able to accommodate the number of off-street car parking spaces required in order to prevent indiscriminate car parking elsewhere and on the public highway.”

“Even after taking account of the shortfall of parking spaces already associated with the existing public house, the highway authority consider that in the absence of adequate onsite parking space the proposed development would be likely to result in vehicles being parked outside the site on the county highway to the detriment of the free flow of traffic and road safety.”

To view the report prepared for Tuesday’s meeting click here.

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  1. Double standards as usual applied by planners and highways! Why is Patrick Brompton so special?, every other village with pubs in the Dales have to put up with increased and inconsiderate parking far worse than what is being considered here. West Witton for example!!!!

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