Villagers launch campaign to fight huge holiday and retirement complex proposed near Scorton

The location of the proposed development. Photo: Google.

Villagers have launched a campaign to fight plans for a huge new luxury holiday and retirement complex near Scorton.

Plans are being drawn up for large development on the site of the former Tancred Quarry which residents say would be twice the size of their village.

After quarrying stopped the site was transformed into a nature reserve for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Consultation documents published by Darlington-based Saddington Taylor Planning and Development Consultancy say the proposed scheme would include more than 300 holiday and retirement homes.

It would also include its own solar farm and create 233 jobs, it is claimed.

The developers say: “Northumberland Estates & Tancred Gravel Ltd are preparing a planning application for a high-end tourism and recreation development that integrates retirement living with shared services and facilities at the former Tarmac Quarry site.

“The proposals would bring substantial social, environmental and economic benefits to the District.  New job creation alongside direct and indirect spend in the local economy would be significant.

“The proposals seek to maximise the opportunity presented by the site’s unique character of lakes, undulating countryside, and walkways to create a sustainable and inclusive community of holiday and retirement homes.”

A consultation exercise took place last month with a planning application now being prepared.

However, a campaign group SOS (Save Our Scorton) has been launched to fight the plans.

A spokesperson for the group said: “This proposal is almost twice the size of Scorton Village and if it goes ahead will
destroy the peace, tranquillity of the village as we know it.

“This development will cause chaos not just for Scorton but the surrounding villages with excessive traffic, noise and pollution and will remove a valued natural environment enjoyed by many people.

“Please give your support and let’s work together to prevent this development from going ahead and to protect our wonderful conservation area and wildlife sanctuary.”

One of the documents published as part of the consultation.

For more details on the scheme, click here.

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  1. This has to be stopped. People move to places like Scorton for the quieter life. A development like this will change Scorton from a lovely, quiet Yorkshire village to a one besieged by tourists and excess vehicles. And what about the impact on nature? Has this even been considered?

  2. This must be resisted at all costs and must not pass. Scorton is too small to support this suggested development. Infrastructure roads and transport will not support theatre numbers. The small shop/post office will not survive and the great pubs will be overwhelmed. Medical support will not support these numbers (elderly are high users). Scorton Medical Centre is the best in the region; it would change for the worse. Finally, who would want a ‘luxury’ home across the road from a [smelly] waste processing centre. SAVE SCORTON.

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