Virtual roadshows planned on new North Yorkshire authority

Photo: Benjamin Hopkins.

Residents in Richmondshire are being invited to the first of a series of virtual locality roadshows to learn more about planning for the new North Yorkshire authority that will be in place from April 1, 2023.

Senior officials from the eight district, borough and county council from across North Yorkshire have joined forces to hold the virtual events, which take place via Teams Live next month.

Residents will be able to hear direct about the changes to local government and how plans are taking shape for the new authority.

The six sessions – starting from April 4 – will be offered to different locations across the county, (based on the six parliamentary constituency areas).

They will also give local residents an opportunity to ask questions about the changes.

Under the plans, the current county, district and borough councils in North Yorkshire are going to be replaced by a single council in April 2023.

Until then, services will continue to be provided by North Yorkshire County Council and the seven district and borough councils.

From April 2023, the new unitary authority will deliver all services across the whole of the current county footprint.

Speaking about the importance of the roadshows and of keeping everyone informed about the changes, Richard Flinton, chief executive for North Yorkshire County Council, said: “As we progress with our change and transformation, we want to reassure North Yorkshire residents that we are committed to keeping you informed and engaged along the way.

“We value your views and the roadshows will also help to answer any questions and allay any fears that you may have.”

He added: “This is an exciting moment for North Yorkshire and we are working with our district and borough colleagues and partners to ensure the very best outcomes for our local residents.

“In preparation for April 1, 2023, we will continue taking the unitary conversation to residents, communities, the emergency services, our partners in health, education, and the voluntary sector. As well as to our members, our towns and parishes and our staff.”

The roadshow will virtually visit towns across North Yorkshire next month. Sessions are free and open to all residents living in North Yorkshire. They will be held via Teams Live between 6.30 and 8pm on:

  • April 4 – Skipton and Ripon (Panel members: Paul Shevlin, Craven District Council chief executive; Wallace Simpson, Harrogate Borough Council chief executive and Neil Irving from NYCC)
  • April 6 – Selby and Ainsty (Panel members: Janet Waggott, Selby District Council chief executive; Wallace Simpson and Neil Irving)
  • April 12 – Harrogate and Knaresborough (Panel members: Wallace Simpson and Neil Irving)
  • April 13: Scarborough and Whitby (Panel members: Mike Greene, Scarborough Borough Council chief executive, and Richard Flinton, chief executive of NYCC)
  • April 14 – Thirsk and Malton (Panel members: Stacey Burlet, chief executive of Ryedale District Council, and Richard Flinton)
  • April 26: Richmond (Panel members: Tony Clark, Chief Executive of Richmondshire District Council, and Richard Flinton).

To attend the sessions or find out more information, please visit