Visitors to The Station spread a little love

Jemma Holliday with the love postcards.

Visitors to The Station have taken part in a special Valentine’s event to spread a little love.

On Saturday 10th February, members of the public were invited to write out a postcard to a loved one. The Station then posted the card for free.

Postcards were sent across the UK including Ayrshire, Northumberland, Kent and Dorset.

Communications coordinator Jemma Holliday said: “The idea developed through a social media campaign to spread a little love and happiness in a time where we often see a lot of negativity.

“It was so lovely to see people choosing to write to loved ones in what is now somewhat of a lost art of putting pen to paper.

“We had lots of romantic Valentine’s messages but also a great amount of people choosing to re-connect with old friends or tell family about their holiday in and around Richmond.

“We even had children writing to their pets.”

Anyone who receives a postcard is encouraged to share it on social media using the hashtag #sayitwiththestation

For more information on future events, please see The Station’s Facebook page or website