Volunteer manager wanted for new Richmond community woodland

The view towards Richmond Castle from Rufus Woods. Photo: Guy Carpenter.

A volunteer manager is being sought for new community woodland in Richmond.

Rufus Woods was planted in 2021 as part of the celebration of 950 years of Richmond Castle.

The woodland sits on a one-acre site adjacent to the old Richmond Racecourse with public access via both the Whaston Road car park and via the public right of way from Green Howards Road.

The space contains over 1,000 young native trees plus over 450 metres of hedgerows, all chosen for their ability to provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Steve Biggs, manager of Just the Job whose team oversee the woodland. said: “Phase one of the project has focussed on planting, fencing and track laying, then getting the our Rufus Woods tree sponsorship programme up and running on the rufuswoods.co.uk website.

“With that work done, we’re now keen to find ways to encourage the community to get involved in a hands-on way, both to enjoy the space and to help with some of the ongoing tasks that ensure the trees can continue to thrive.”

Phil Upton, from Purple Creative, another of the volunteers behind the project, said: “The vision for Rufus Woods has always been that it grows into a space where people of all generations will come to relax, learn, play and exercise.

“We’re now looking for a new volunteer to join our current team of four to help begin that process.

“The ideal person would bring together event planning skills, a track record of making things happen and a love of nature that they are keen for others to share.

“We’d love to kick things off with a late-spring event so are keen to talk to anyone interested asap so we can get the ball rolling.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the role should email info@rufuswoods.co.uk before the end of April.



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