Volunteers clean-up Richmond falls as crowds of unwelcome visitors return to beauty spot

Rubbish left behind at the falls on Thursday. Photo: S/Sgt Slattery/North Yorkshire Police.

Volunteers organised another clean-up of Richmond falls and the Batts last night after the hot weather brought a second day of unwelcome visitors and anti-social behaviour to the town.

Groups of young people again gathered on the falls, as they have done a number of times in recent weeks.

Large amounts of rubbish were left behind, with residents reporting further problems of littering and anti-social behaviour in the market place and elsewhere in the town.

Riverside Road and the falls car park were both closed yesterday due to the amount of vehicles.

District and county councillor Stuart Parsons and the town’s mayor, Lorraine Hodgson, were among a group of volunteers who cleaned up the area on Wednesday and again on Thursday evening.

The clean-up was assisted by four police officers.

Cllr Parsons said the amount of rubbish being left behind was “soul-destroying”.

“There’s a minority of people who have absolutely no respect for their surroundings. There’s a mindless few who just think they can dump everything everywhere.

“We’ve had people walking back to their cars and then just dumping all their rubbish in the market place — it really is terrible.

“They’re so high or far gone on alcohol — it’s terrible.

The councillor said the authorities were doing all they could to address the problems, including installing CCTV cameras and looking at dispersal orders and public spaces protection orders.

The CCTV cameras are due to be switched on by the end of the month.

“It’s got to the point we’re you’re almost praying for rain so that we don’t have these problems.”

Cllr Parsons said they were grateful to the volunteers who had come to help, including several business owners and a couple of young women from Middlesbrough, who decided to come and help after seeing the problems of litter on the news.

“They spent four hours litter picking on Thursday which was stupendous and very kind of them,” he added.


North Yorkshire Police were on patrol in Richmond yesterday as part of a county-wide operation aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour during the hot weather.

Superintendent Charlotte Bloxham said: “With lots of people still furloughed from work, off from universities and colleges or working from home, it’s understandable that everyone’s keen to make the most of the good weather.

“This isn’t a problem if people behave responsibly, sensibly, and are mindful of the restrictions that are still in place.

“However, we’re aware that a minority are behaving in a way that is not just unpleasant for other people, but is also illegal.

“Our officers know where these hotspots are and will be keeping a close eye on them during their patrols. Anyone found committing anti-social behaviour will, of course, be dealt with accordingly.”


  1. as if you didn’t know this wa goingto happen shake your head it will happen again and again

  2. The police should move people on for gathering in large numbers and behaving inappropriately. We still have the virus and these people are totally disregarding the rules and guidance.

  3. It beggars believe to see these awful scenes once again at Richmond Falls! All local people knew this would happen again with the hot weather. I’m staggered that no deterrent was put in place. Not sure what CCTV will do there are plenty of pictures on mobile phones. Aren’t dispersal orders already in place? Why weren’t they used? and its laughable admitting police are monitoring hotspots! Were any arrests made?. And it’s not a minority, its hundreds disregarding social distancing,leaving litter, and drug taking. Its obviously organised and these people don’t give a toss about common decency or respect anyone. It needs sorting now or real tourists won’t visit Richmond and go elsewhere.

  4. So Supt Bloxham says the police will deal with these people leaving all the litter and rubbish and anti social behaviour 🤭. Well it certainly seems a different story to everyone else, it’s a long time coming.

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