Volunteers on course to becoming qualified riding coaches

Isabel and Bex with their certificates.

Two volunteers are well on the way to becoming fully qualified group coaches at the Riding for the Disabled (RDA) Group that holds sessions at Catterick Saddle Club on Wednesday mornings and Saturday afternoons.

Isabel Thompson and Bex Gillings have taken the first step on the RDA coaching pathway and have achieved their Coach-in-Training Passports.

From now on, they can teach disabled riders with an RDA-qualified coach overseeing them.

After more training modules, incorporating both practical and also online learning, Isabel and Bex will join the team as two new qualified group coaches to deliver RDA lessons, teaching the skills of riding and providing the proven physical and mental health benefits of horse riding in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Sheri Wild, an existing coach with the group, said: “It will be such a help to have Bex and Isabel on board.

“Their wonderful vigour and exciting youthful talent promise great things for the future of our group.

“It’s a delight to welcome them to our volunteer coaching team.”