Volunteers plant trees at Coverdale beauty spot

Volunteers plant tees at Pinker's Pond.

Ten volunteers braved the wind and rain at the weekend to plant 200 trees around a Coverdale beauty spot.

The trees were planted at Pinker’s Pond and the surrounding area of Lower Moor, near Middleham.

The project, set up by newly formed Lower Wensleydale Biodiversity Action Group, aims to diversify tree species and increase biodiversity of the area; adding colour year-round to this popular walking site.

“It was fabulous to get out and do something positive during what has been a very challenging time for many of us,”, said Elise Barron, one of the organisers.

“There is currently a lot of ash trees surrounding Pinker’s Pond but unfortunately they are showing signs of ash-die back.

The alder and willow we planted will help to replace these and provide colour and interest around the periphery of the pond for years to come”.

The trees were provided by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust for free and are a mix of UK broadleaf species, such as willow, alder, oak, birch, rowan, hazel, cherry, field maple and aspen.

If you would be interested in helping maintain the site, or get involved in future projects, email lwbagroup@gmail.com.