Volunteers thanked for Hawes play park care as councillor ‘storms bank’ to recover cash

Town Foot play park in Hawes.

The volunteers who take such good care of the play parks in Hawes were thanked by Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council in May.

The chairman, Cllr Jill McMullon, said that Robin Peters, Ian Fraser and Mark Murphy had, at short notice prepared the site for one of the two new pieces of play equipment which had been installed, one at Town Foot and the other at Little Ings.

The total cost was £20,340 with most being met by a grant from Richmondshire District Council.

During the annual residents’ meeting before that of the parish council she said: “I need to thank Robin, Ian and Mark, a new volunteer. Robin and Ian have worked so hard for us looking after the play areas, and Mark, who is reasonably new to the town, has joined this great team.”

She also thanked John Banks for grass cutting, and Richard Noble and his team for the wonderful flower displays for Hawes in Bloom.

At the parish council meeting it was agreed to offer a donation of £1,500 towards the cost of this year’s Hawes in Bloom.

Banking. –At the residents’ meeting Cllr McMullon also reported on what she described as the horrendous debacle they had experienced when moving the parish council’s bank account.

She explained: “We needed to change banks because we were unable to access funds due to various circumstances surrounding signatories. Opening a new account with another bank was easy, but closing an account with HSBC was a nightmare.

“After several months of attempts, we were saved by Sheila (Cllr Alderson, an original signatory), who ‘stormed’ the bank and refused to leave until they handed over the cash. A huge thank you to Sheila for a great job.”

Health meeting. – After studying reports of meetings of the Upper Dales Health Watch (UDHW), the councillors agreed to contact all the parish councils in the areas covered by the Central Dales Practice to arrange a meeting.

There was concern about the non-resumption of open access surgeries and the current difficulty in obtaining an appointment with a GP, either by telephone or face-to-face.

Cllr Barry Wilcox pointed out that the parish was some 40 miles from the nearest A&E department in a deeply rural area. He felt very strongly that the community should fight to retain as much GP provision and primary care service as possible.

It was noted that there is a high percentage of “elderly’” residents in the area, but also a good number of visitors and young families, all of whom need reliable and effective primary health care.

Cllr McMullon proposal that a meeting be held with other local parishes and that representatives from the Central Dales Practice be invited to attend was approved.

Village greens. – Residents at Sedbusk and Gayle had informed the parish council about concerns regarding village greens.

Cllr McMullon reported that the green at Sedbusk was not owned by either Richmondshire District Council nor the parish council.

As that at Gayle was owned by the Lords Trustees of the Manor of Bainbridge she suggested they should be contacted about the condition of the green.

Reports. – Cllr David Colley provided an update on the planned community ownership of Dale Head Garage and possible applications for grants.

Cllr McMullon reported on the preparations for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Hawes. The clerk said that commemorative gifts (water bottles) for the young children of the parish had been ordered.

North Yorkshire County councillor Yvonne Peacock had advised the parish council that she had reported the speeding issue in The Holme to North Yorkshire Police. She suggested that the parish council should request a speed check be undertaken.

Planning. – The parish council agreed to object strongly to an application to erect a single-storey extension which would link Fell View in Gayle to an outbuilding.

The neighbour, Mr Rhodes, told the parish council that this would result in them sharing a party wall. The councillors were also concerned about the lack of parking and  potential use of another property for holiday lets in an area already swamped by these.  It was noted that there are currently very  few permanent residents there as most properties were now holiday lets.

Elections . – Cllr McMullon was re-elected as chairman, and Cllr Peter Metcalfe as vice-chairman of the parish council.

It was agreed to nominate Cllr McMullon to the position of a parish representative on the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.