Volunteers wanted for community speedwatch scheme in Richmond

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Volunteers are wanted for a new community speedwatch scheme in Richmond

North Yorkshire Police is working with Richmond Town Council to launch the scheme.

At least 10 locations within Richmond have been identified where volunteers would check the speed of drivers.

Anyone caught speeding would be sent a letter from police informing them of their offence.

The force would also monitor the data to take action against repeat offenders or those severely breaking the speed limit.

Richmond Town Council is looking for volunteers to help get the scheme up and running as soon as possible.

This will involve a training session of around 90 minutes.

Inspector Martin Metcalfe, from North Yorkshire Police, said: “This scheme will be in addition to the checks my team and I already carry out, so please be aware there will be a lot more checks very soon, so be mindful of the speed limits in the area, especially the 20mph ones.”

If you are interested, email enquiries@richmondtowncouncil.org.uk to express your interest.



    • You obviously have no idea of numbers that the police in North yorkshire have to operate with. I suggest you do more research before you come out with mindless comments like that

  1. This is a great idea , anything to slow down drivers /riders who treat our towns and villages like racetracks would be welcome .

  2. Because there aren’t enough of them. If I lived in Richmond or could get there on public transport I’d volunteer like a shot. Do you perhaps think speeding is acceptable? Do you not know of anyone who’s been killed or injured in a traffic accident? Are you not aware that the higher the speed the more serious the collision? If folk want to smash their vehicles up and injure themselves let them get on with it, with the proviso that nobody else and nobody else’s property is involved.

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